Wish upon a star

The Wish Upon a Star slot has 243 paylines and a bonus feature of 10 Free Games. Any winning combination during a Free Games round is doubled, except those with present bonuses. During the bonus round, you can win up to 10x your stake when you land three stacked presents on one reel. The Free Games feature can be triggered by any symbol, except the wild symbol. There are also two different bonuses: a jackpot and a Free Games bonus feature.

The Free Games bonus feature is a popular option in Wish Upon a Star. You can win up to eight times your stake when you land three Christmas present symbols on the reels. The star scatter is a second bonus feature, and will award 10 Free Games with a random bonus. If you land five or more of these wilds, you’ll be awarded with a win of between three and eight times your stake.

This video slot is available on the Disney Channel. It was first broadcast on August 15, 2002, and it had 3.4 million viewers. This review is based on content from the English Wikipedia article “Wish upon a star”. You can read the original article or read the adapted version. You’ll want to use this credit if you’re citing the text on your own site. The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license applies to the content on this page.


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